Thursday, September 22, 2011


"do the steps"








There's nothing to see here.... We stopped by the livingroom to try this dog bed on for size. Tommy the Awesome cat strolled by nonchalantly and took a seat beneath the coffee table. The bed fits, though NOT into my budget ;)
As i carried her orthopedic Costco bed from wagon back to the house, i thought "ireally ought get her a CAR BED, since it's quite the hassle toting this one back & forth!" She comes with me most everywhere, even if she can't literally get the groceries with me. And more frequently than of late, she is parked in the car for an hour on end. :)
Certainly she prefers to go with me, and enjoys the "random" walks, but i believe making her reasonably comfortable--she is 14!--is a serious responsibility. I think one of these "donut beds" will give her more security--won't be as easy to slide off of--while driving around this, the hilly-est place we've ever lived. Even IF i could get it at "cost," they are pretty pricey units, especially at her size! We will hope....